Marchers go on air and online to celebrate worker wins

Unions and community supporters celebrated achievements of working people online over the weekend as Coronavirus restrictions prevent Queensland workers and community supporters from holding traditional Labour Day marches. Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Michael Clifford made a video address to commemorate the 129th observance of Labour Day in Queensland. “As we battle this pandemic […]

Labour Day radio blasts into regions

Queensland Unions are teaming up with regional radio broadcasters to bring Labour Day into your home this weekend from 2-4 May. Social distancing requirements due to the Coronavirus pandemic has forced cancellation of major marches and family fun events on Labour Day, as thousands of union members and their families would traditionally gather to celebrate […]

Closing date extended to enter the Community Art Awards

The Queensland Council of Unions is holding an inaugural Labour Day Community Art Awards competition in 2020 to promote the achievements of working people in Queensland. **The submission closing date has now been extended to Friday, 24 April 2020 due to the impact of the national response to the Coronavirus pandemic.** It will be open […]

Why Queenslanders observe Labour Day

Labour Day celebrations in Queensland provide the opportunity to reflect upon the achievements of union members and our supporters in the community and their ability to change the course of history. Queenslanders have always celebrated Labour Day in May, and it has a special place in Queensland history. The first march was held in 1891 […]