Labour Day goes online in 2020

Union members, workers and community supporters will again celebrate Labour Day on Monday, 4 May, the 129th observance of this celebration of workers’ achievements.

The impact of the community response to the Coronavirus pandemic shows unions are more important than ever in the struggle for decent wages and conditions, secure jobs, and workplace health and safety.

While social distancing means that union members, community supporters and workers won’t be able to march or gather as we do traditionally over this weekend, there will be plenty going on to get involved in.

Activities include:

  • A day of union songs on statewide radio, including a survey on your best union songs,
  • Sharing your union pictures and experiences online through your favourite social media platform,
  • Messages on social media from union, community and government leaders about the significance of Labour Day,
  • Ensuring the whole community understands that secure jobs mean a healthy future for all.

Go to the Queensland Unions Facebook Labour Day event to register your interest, or enter your details below to sign up for updates.